• Athena Task Pro for Fire Departments

    The Mobile Solution for Fire Prevention, Community Risk Reduction, and More.

  • Hosted Command Center to Mobile App

    Manage, Schedule, Create Custom Forms and Reports, and Deploy Tasks to Individual Mobile Apps.

  • Complete Tasks and Forms using Mobile App

    Easy-to-Use Mobile App Allows Staff to Complete Tasks, Reports, and Sync Immediately Back to Command Center.

  • Flexible. Dynamic. Trackable.

    Tasks and Reports are Immediately Available for Flexible Reporting and Immediate Distribution.

Task Assignments to Mobile App

From your cloud-based Command Center, tasks and forms are created, assignments are scheduled to staff and sent to their Mobile App. Command Center and Mobile App includes complete GIS mapping functionality for tracking and reporting.

Complete Tasks Using Mobile App

Assignments and forms are sent to selected mobile Apps. The App is used in the field to collect information, take photos, and complete the form. The completed task and form is synced back to the hosted Command Center. Task-time duration and data collected is geo-coded and time-stamped for accuracy, tracking, and reporting.

Mobile Data Syncs to Command Center

Progress of assignments and reports are immediately available in your cloud-based Command Center. The Command Center enables flexible reporting of all data collection including geo-coded photos. And all tasks can be further managed including follow-up. Completed forms and digital signatures are available for distribution from Command Center and Mobile App.

Modern. Flexible. Immediate.

AthenaTaskPro is an intuitive cloud-based solution for Community Risk Reduction, Fire Prevention, and more. This intuitive mobile solution makes staff assignments easy, and completing tasks and reports in the field a breeze. All tasks with the completed forms are immediately synced back to the Command Center.

Fire Prevention

The perfect solution to streamline all Fire Prevention and Community Risk Reduction programs and paperwork

Easy Form Builder

Dynamic form creator. Flexible and customized tasks. Easy deployment to Mobile Apps.

Mobile App Assignments

Assign Tasks and Forms to individual Staff Members

Fully Customizable

Flexible and customized tasks and forms assigned to individual mobile apps.

Codes and Enforcement

The perfect solution to streamline all Code and Building Inspections forms and paperwork

Workflow Management

Streamline Work Flow to Save Time. Scheduling is easy. Follow-up indicators are managed in task assignments.

Real Time Updates

Progress of assigned tasks are updated in real time to Command Center

Flexible Reporting

Flexible reporting of assignments and forms are immediately available for distribution

Athena Mobile App Screen Shots

Finally. Go Mobile. Go Paperless.

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"Finally, an easy-to-use solution where my staff can complete reports on a mobile device, share it immediately, and sync it back to a central dashboard."
"I love using Athena, because the mobile data, photos, and reports collected are geo-coded and time-stamped. I can't get that accuracy with pen and paper."
"The easy-to-use module in Athena for creating dynamic forms and reports is awesome. This is the future of mobile workflow automation."